Stages of production


Precision equipment: CNC oxy-fuel gas/laser cutting machines for cutting of sheet metal, CNC shearing machines, band saw machines, shot blasting machine, CNC hydraulic metal sheet bending machines, CNC profile bending & pipe bending machines, roll bending & leveling machines to ensure:

  • high precision, accuracy and quality of cut parts;
  • making parts of any shape from flat rolled steel;
  • making 3D parts from thin-wall pipes;
  • cleaning of sheet & plate metal by shotblasting.


In-depth overhaul of the welding, a fleet of heavy-duty welding robots and cutting-edge equipment ensure the required quality of welding joints. We use ultrasound testing to control heavy loaded metal structures. Our welding conforms with EN ISO 3834-2:2005 and was certified by the German DVS ZERT.

  • Semiautomatic welding of metal structures with the overall dimensions up to 4,000/2,500/2,000 mm and weight up to 5 tons with the use of shielding gases (Ar+CO 2).
  • Automatic welding of metal structures with the overall dimensions of up to 6,000/2,000/1,000 mm and weight up to 3 tons with the use of robotic welding stations.


Coating & paint application onto parts of the machines & equipment are made using a painting machine in several stages that are shotblasting of surfaces, applying of putty and sealing of intermittent welds, painting & drying – all stages integrated via an overhead conveyor. The pain application technology provides for both one pot and two pot pains. For this we use airless and airmix paint spray guns. Lifting capacity of the conveyor with one crossbar – up to 4 tons, when two synchronous crsossbars are used – up to 7.5 tons.

  • Blast cleaning, preparation grade Sa 2 (ISO 8501-1)
  • Maximum weight of treated items up to 7.5 tons
  • Maximum overall dimensions of treated items 10,000 Х 4,000 Х 2,000 mm
  • Coating grade 2 (GOST 9.032-74)
  • Thickness of the coating – from 80 to 140 microns
  • Corrosion resistance against salt fog – at least 500 hours


The specifications of the production equipment at our factories ensure high-precision machining of workpieces. The advamnced machine-tool fleet is comprised of various groups of equipment including the CNC machines: multipurpose machining centers, lathes, milling, drilling, grinding, gear hobbing, honing, horizontal boring machines including large double column machines for machining large-sized workpieces.

  • Cutting of rolled steel of different cross section (up to 330 mm)
  • Cylindrical grinding of workpieces with the dimater of up to 200 mm and length of up to 2,000 mm
  • Turning of workpieces with the dimater of up to 800 mm, length of up to 3,000 mm, and the accuracy of up to 7th degree
  • Internal grinding of workpieces with the diamter of up to 100 mm, depth up to 200 mm
  • Turning and boring of workpieces with the diamter of up to 1,600 mm
  • Surface grinding of workpieces with the dimensions of 400*1,000 mm.

Cab trim line shop

Production is organized in accordance with the principles of a fully integrated process. Its starts with just cutting of blanks and ends with assembly of the end product. The shop has a dedicated area for cutting & bending of workpieces. Use of the cold rolled steel excludes blast cleaning from the process. We use two CNC sheet bending machines with bending force of 100 and 150 tons respectively. Thanks to computerized numerical control the machines accomplish their jobs with a high accuracy & precision. The machinea are equipped with LCD displays to monitor operations sequence – from blank feeding to each stage of bending. The work stations have assembly rigs which are equipped with all necessary jigs and tools. Each assembly rig is designed for assembly of cabs of one type.

  • In-house painting area
  • Leak tests


The factory has in-house galvanizing line to apply protective (zinc) and antiwear (chromium) coats onto the surface of parts. The coating is applied through electroplating. In particular, the critical pipes that are exposed to aggressive environment get the zinc coating. Chromium coating is applied to the hydraulic cylinders’ rods.

  • Zinc coating of workpieces with the dimensions of up to 420, 750, 300 mm and weight up to 10 kg
  • Surface chromium coating of workpieces with the dimensions of up to 400, 600, 1,800 mm and weight up to 120 kg 


Assembly is organized along the principles of continuous-flow method. That allows us to distribute the components along the assembly line, optimize the work process and ensure the unparalleled quality.

  • Cab leak tests in a special chamber (rain test)
  • Testing of electronics and setting-up of control systems
  • Testing of 100% of fabricated and outsourced component parts

 Thermochemical treatment

The metal heat trratment process includes all types of heat treatment, hardening in pit and box-type furnaces (in protective atmosphere), induction hardening and carburization.

  • Heat treatment of workpieces with the dimensions of up to 500, 700, 1,100 mm and weight up to 500 kg0 кг

Quality control at every stage of production

The technology at all stages of production is controlled by the in-house laboratory.

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