Tverskoy Excavator (TVEX)

TVEX is one of the top Russian factories making excavators.

TVEX makes equipment for the road, civil, commercial and industrial construction industries, municipalities and mining industry. We make more than 12 models of earth-moving equipment.

The plant brings together the blanking, machining, electroplating, thermochemical, welding, painting and assembly.

In co-operation with an international team of industry experts we have accomplished a large-scale rehabilitation of the assembly shop that opened up new possibilities for making machines in the weight range from 10 to 45 tons.

In the recent few years we have accomplished a series of transformational changes and launched a brand-new paint complex, upgraded our welding and re-organized warehouse management & operations. The result was launch of new types of products in compliance with the international standards of quality.

The top priorities for us are introduction of new technologies, commissioning of new equipment fleet & tooling, development of the production system and training of our personnel.

TVEX has been certified in accordance with the GOST ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) standards, and the welding operations comply with the EN ISO 3834-2:2005 standard.

TVEX dates its history back to the year of 1943 when the plant started making wheeled rope excavators. Later, the plant started making hydraulic wheeled and crawler excavators.

More than 130,000 excavators made.

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