Bryansky Arsenal

The only factory in Russia that has engineered and can offer you a full range of motor graders.

Development of the enterprise is inextricably linked with manufacture of the new-generation motor graders – TG series.

To improve reliability, performance & comfort features of the products, the engineering unit has set a new regulation for the whole manufacturing process, and that resulted in total reorganization & revamping of the plant.

n 2013 in co-operation with the top engineering firms and suppliers we launched a new production site with high level of automation. The plant got a new assembly conveyor line and a brand-new painting & drying complex that enabled the plant to switch to the two-pack paint system. The cutting-edge manufacturing facility is now comprised of the blanking, welding, machining, painting and assembly. The equipment includes brand-new laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, thermal cutting machines, rotating manipulators, vertical and horizontal machining centers, CNC turning machines, welders for automatic welding of rings, collars and slewing gear rings. All that ensures the required accuracy of production and high quality of the end product.

To enhance the capacity of our painting & drying complex we have upgraded the overhead conveyor. We also re-organized our warehouse management & operations to improve the inhouse logistics.

The range & diversity of our products have allowed us to expand our sales footprint.

More than 147,000 units of equipment manufactured.

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