(ural-43206) TL-30

  • Chassis URAL-43206
  • Engine model YaMZ-53622-10
  • Engine power, kW (hp) 176,5 (240)

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Turntable Ladder TL-30 (URAL-43206)

The key functions of the turntable ladder are allowing rescue tasks and evacuation of fire victims at height of up to 30 m. It can also be used as a lifting machine.

We are designing and building our turntable ladders using cutting-edge and smart solution, including:

9-meter sections are made of high-tensile steel.

A powerful hydraulic pump ensures high speed of ladder set-up.

The upper section is safe from collision with building walls due to special sensors.

All our turntable ladders have a safety device which complies with all requirements to modern electronics and shows the following information on the display:

Elevation angle.



Payload (when using the ladder as a crane).

Condition of the support pads (ready-to-work or at-carry).

Engine coolant temperature.

Oil pressure.

The safety device prevents overload of the ladder sections, any ladder section maneuvers (elevation, extension or turning) unless the support pads are in ready-to-work mode, operations outside the safe area. Control is exercised from the operator’s position on the platform.

Automatic levelling of the steps within the range of 2°.

Direct control of diverter valves ensures easy control of the ladder.

Lightweight ladder – reduced metal content vs. the analogs.

Baseline Specifications

Standard chassis


Drivetrain arrangement


Diesel engine


Rated power, kW (hp)

176.5 (240)

Max travel speed, kmph


Firefighting crew, pers.


Height of fully extended ladder, elevation angle 75 deg., at least, m


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