3,2-40/4 (43206) Tanker

  • Drivetrain arrangement 4х4
  • Chassis URAL-43206-4151-79
  • Tank size, L 3200
  • Pump size, L/sec 40/4
  • Engine model YaMZ-53623
  • Engine power, kW (hp) 200.7 (273)

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Water tender 3,2-40/4 (43206)

Modern fire apparatus with improved performance specifications. The tanker is stationed on the offroad chassis URAL 43206 with 4x4 drive.

This water tender has a powerful lighting equipment, modern fire monitor with remote control and convenient storage compartments for firefighter equipment.

Modern and ergonomic apparatus with the cab-over design and two stage pump NTsPK.

It is built on URAL-43206-4151-81 chassis with four-wheel drive, and is ready for installation of the emergency response system device.

  • Brackets for SCBA apparatus in the crew cab.

  • The front instrument cluster in the operator’s cab has a display with indication of open doors (cab & compartments for firefighter equipment), water and foam levels, time of operation (pump and chassis), and controls of visual-audible alarms mounted atop the cab and radiator grille.

  • The water tank and foam tank are made of polymer materials with extended life cycle. Remote-operated fire monitor – from the cab and pump house.

  • The water tender has a lighting tower with pneumatic drive for lifting of searchlights with the total capacity of 2 kW. The lighting tower height is 5 meters.

  • Parking of the fire monitor and light tower. Full remote control of the pumping unit including from the operator’s cab.

  • The pump has an additional cooling loop to ensure better cooling of the engine during the summer season and extra heating of the fire suppressants in the winter season.

  • The fire pump has automatic foam proportioning system that ensures delivery of 3% or 6% foam solutions regardless of the flow rate or pressure of the pump.

  • The combined pumping unit for fire suppression with the use of regular equipment and high-pressure equipment producing water fog. Sophisticated system of pump control – with the use of touchscreens that have a wide range of automatic functions to take maximum burden from the operator.

  • The chassis is equipped with a front electric winch with the capacity of 6.8 tons. It also has an electric air clutch linkage for engagement/disengagement of the PTO from the pump house or operator’s cab.

  • The hose reel holds up to 60 m of high-pressure hoses, light tower and winch. Automatic foam proportioning and water filling. The body & crew’s cab are made of aluminum and plastic to improve rust resistance.

  • The superstructure of the tanker is an independent structure made of aluminum sheets and plastic with the use of adhesive technology. The superstructure roof is covered with a special anti-slip coating.

Baseline Specifications
Standard chassis URAL-43206-4151-81
Drivetrain arrangement 4х4
Diesel engine YaMZ-53623
Rated power, kW (hp) 200.7 (273)
Maximum travel speed, kmph 85
Firefighting crew, pers 6
Water tank size, L 3,200
Foam tank size, L 200
Pump location rear-mounted
Pump size, L/sec 40/4
Discharge head, m 100/400

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