2,3-4 (33086) Tanker

  • Drivetrain arrangement 4х4
  • Chassis GAZ-33086
  • Tank size, L 2300
  • Pump size, L/sec 4
  • Engine model YaMZ-53446
  • Engine power, kW (hp) 109.5 (149)

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Wildland fire patrol truck – water tender 2,3-4 (33086)

A low-cost fire engine with cutting-edge technologies. Compact & highly maneuverable, it has a small turning radius. This model is equipped with hi-tech versatile hand nozzles. The high-pressure pump enables using water fog in firefighting.

  • The tanker is a low-cost apparatus which specifications make it a perfect choice for small back country fire stations.

  • The engine features four-wheel drive capability – it uses GAZ-33086 chassis and can thus make it through rough terrain.

  • It carries 2.3 m³, while the foam tank capacity is 180 L. it is staffed with two firefighters.

  • The tanker has a compact-size high-pressure pump with the flow rate of 4 L/sec and max. head of 400 m.

General Specifications
Standard chassis GAZ-33086
Drivetrain arrangement 4х4
Diesel engine YaMZ-53446
Rated power, kW (hp) 109.5 (149)
Maximum travel speed, kmph 95
Firefighting crew, pers 2
Water tank size, L 2,300
Foam tank size, L 180
Pump location rear-mounted
Pump size, L/sec 4
Discharge head, m 400

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