1,0-40/2 (NPS75L) Tanker

  • Drivetrain arrangement 4х4
  • Chassis ISUZU NPS75L
  • Tank size, L 1000
  • Pump size, L/sec 40
  • Engine model ISUZU, 4НК1 (4НК1Е5NC)
  • Engine power, kW (hp) 114 (155)

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Water Tender 1,0-40/2 (NPS75L)

Compact and dynamic apparatus for a modern megalopolis. The 4x4 AWD drivetrain arrangement ensures high maneuverability of the truck.

Cab from ISUZU — optimal mix of comfort and safety. The cab crew has racks for compressed air breathing apparatus (CABA) and four spare air tanks.

The light water tender with the tank size of 1 m³ on the AWD chassis (1,0-40 (NPS 75L) Tanker) is equipped with a fire pump, tanks for liquid fire suppressants and means of delivery. It is designed to carry fire fighting equipment and crew to a fire scene for fire fighting and rescue operations.

  • The water tender is built on the ISUZU NPS 75L-K (Russia) chassis with 4x4 drivetrain arrangement.

  • The water tender has ERA-GLONASS system of emergency response (similar to the European standard eCall/E112).

  • The water tender body and cab are made of welded aluminum extrusions covered with aluminum sheets.

  • The crew cab has an autonomous cab heater in.

  • The crew cab has racks for four compressed air breathing apparatus (CABA) and four spare air tanks, and other fire fighting tools & inventory (including a dry powder extinguisher OP-2, first aid kit and warning triangle).

  • Having self-contained breathing apparatus, fire fighting equipment & inventory in the crew cab ensures safety of the fire fighters and operational efficiency when tackling firefighter duties or during maintenance & repair.

General Specifications
Standard chassis ISUZU NPS75L
Drivetrain arrangement 4х4
Diesel engine ISUZU, 4НК1 (4НК1Е5NC)
Rated power, kW (hp) 114(155)
Maximum travel speed, kmph 110
Firefighting crew, pers 6
Water tank size, L 1,000
Foam tank size, L 60
Pump location rear-mounted
Pump size, L/sec 40
Discharge head, m 100

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