R&D Center

The advanced R&D Center carries out a full cycle of works and supports all stages from concept development to mass or batch production and certification. Its core competencies are road & construction equipment, municipal equipment, forestry and agricultural machines.

Merger of R&D centers scattered across the factories into one organization has consolidated the resources, harmonized the processes & methods of engineering new types of machines & equipment.

  • Accumulation of engineering potential to create cutting-edge products
  • Development of investment projects for all stages of production of new or upgraded products, from product concept to flow production
  • Standardization of engineering processes & methods
  • Engineering projects’ risk management

Trial batches are manufactured at the EXMASH plant.

Key competencies

  • Product planning
  • Concept development
  • Project management
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Cost management
  • Strength analysis

Development & testing

  • Supplier audit
  • Testing of outsourced components
  • Engineering and manufacturing of prototype batches
  • Component verification
  • Testing of prototypes at plants’ test ranges or on the customers’ premises


  • Pre-production at Company’s plants and on the suppliers’ premises
  • Approval of outsourced components
  • Prototype manufacturing in accordance with the main manufacturing technology
  • Certification
  • Production planning

Product planning

  • Product concept
  • Project business case and risk evaluation
  • Approval of specifications and design documentation

Competency centers

  • Project-based work organization
  • Advanced methodology of product planning & engineering
  • Development of competitive types of specialty equipment

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